Convoing Sellers & Treasuries

I've been in dozens of treasuries over the last few months and honestly, I could probably count the number of times I've been notified by the curator on one hand. The only reason, I know I've been included in a treasury has been through, which I just check every couple of days.

I just wanted others to know that most sellers like to be notified when they've been included. It's pretty rare when a seller doesn't like to know.

It's really too bad that Etsy doesn't have something in place, to automatically notify the sellers, when their work has been included in something like a treasury, or the front page, or in Etsy finds, etc. Most love the extra publicity, not to mention, something as simple as someone else appreciating their work.

Also, an important thing to note - Etsy does not consider convoing the sellers of the items that you've included in your treasury, a type of spam anymore. So convo away!

Why should I convo the sellers?

- Because it's a nice thing to do!
- Common courtesy - I'm sure you would like to be notified (especially if it makes it onto the front page).
- Extra Promoting - If included, lots of sellers will blog about it, tweet about it, add the info to their facebook page, advertise it in promotions, in turn driving traffic to your treasury.
- More traffic to your treasury can result in more traffic to your shop (which is always a good thing)!
- The sellers will be more likely to look at your shop, increasing your shop traffic.

Every is going to do what they want to do. But I just wanted to say that I would appreciate a convo and I know lots of others would to!

Thanks for listening!

What a goofball!

So, I'm working at the computer (unfortunately editing photos), when I start to here this thumping sound. I turn around and sure enough, it's my dog, Ava. She had reached up and stole the cup I use to dish out her dog food with. I had just changed her brand of dog food and apparently she really likes it!

The thumping noise was here trying to get all of the yummy (ugh) little bits that stuck to the cup!

I posted a couple of photos of her trying to get every little bit!

The Twitter Experiment

So after discovering twitter and this post on the Etsy Forums:

Sharing my Twitter Strategy : 11000 followers by CatherinetteRings

I was totally and utterly inspired. I figured that I had discovered one of those essential keys to success, a springboard that would launch my Etsy shop. Well....I was totally wrong, I found this approach was a total failure for me.

Now, don't get me wrong, this approach can work wonders for the right person but it didn't for me. I just want to lay out how I did it and why it failed for me.

What is this approach?
- Basically, using bulk upload programs, you receive hundreds, if not thousands of new twitter followers in a very short period of time.

What's my problem with it?
- When I started using these mass following tools, I was getting so many new followers but sometimes, quality means more than quantity, and honestly, this was one of those times. It was like 1 in every 25 wasn't a spammer (i.e. click here to get rich now, follow my strategy to make millions, look at my boobs, etc).
- I was being flooded by the number of tweets, that were irrelevant or spammy. I couldn't really connect with anyone, it got boring really, really fast.

So after 5500 followers and I'm just going to delete the account, it would take way too much time to go through each and every follower, to filter out the bad ones.

What am I going to do?
- I'm deleting my current Twitter account and I just opened up a new Twitter account. One that I will choose who I follow carefully. To ensure each contact is someone I would like to talk to and here what they're doing.

What do I think the key to Twitter is?
- I think Twitter is about connecting with people have similiar interests, and if your running a business, they should be your target market too.
- Spam Bots are not your target market!

Well, I just wanted to share that will everyone. Hopefully, after reading this post, someone else will avoid making the same mistakes I did :(

Thanks for listening!

JUST ARRIVED - Sterling Silver Chains

After a request for sterling silver chains, I ordered them from a wonderfully efficient wholesaler in the US and they finally arrived the other day. I've just setup new listings for them.

I now have available 925 Sterling Silver Snake and Venetian Box Chains in 16", 18", and 20" lengths.
Chains are available to view and purchase:

I hope to be adding ball chains, silver-plated chains, and wire chokers in the very near future!

New Halloween Jewelry

I absolutely adore Halloween, it's probably a toss up between Halloween and Christmas as my favorite holidays. Since Halloween is just about upon us, I decided it was about time that I started listing some of the pendants I made especially for Halloween. I think they would be a great way to show your Halloween spirit this month or for those who can't/don't dress up for Halloween but still want to show their Halloween spirit!

You can find all of my Halloween pieces in my shop - just search Halloween!


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