Really who doesn't love free stuff? Especially when it can obtained so easily! Right now, I'm running a Twitter promotion in order to giveaway this necklace:

How it works:

The 1115th RT wins, max 1 RT per hour!

Where do you enter:

Good luck to everyone! I will be posting the winner later!

If you like to create new things & love free supplies...

Someone posted this site in the Etsy forums and I figure it bares repeating.

The Site:

Totally Tutorials (

What do I do?

The sellers available through this site choose to give certain crafters a selection of their supplies (free) and in return, the crafter will create something with the supplies and then create a tutorial (with pictures).

Why do I care?

As a supply seller:
- The supply seller will get additional blog traffic from their post explaining the exchange.
- The supply seller will have links leading to her shop in the tutorials.
- The supply seller will be allowed to use photos of the finished products in her listings and/or blog and link to the tutorials if she chooses. This will give your potential buyers inspiration on how to use your supplies.

As a crafter:
- The receiver will get something free!
- The receiver will gain blog traffic from having their tutorial posted here.
- The receiver may sell the finished product if they wish.
- The receiver will be introduced to fabulous new supplies to test out at no charge. You might just find some new favorite suppliers.

What is the next steps?

You can find out all of the rules and which sellers are available, right here:

Anyway, I thought this was great place and I wanted to pass it along! Good luck to anyone who tries it!

Featured in a treasury!

I was checking out Craftopolis early this morning and sure enough, I was featured in a beautiful treasury created Awkward ( The title of the treasury was 'Ghost Sisters' and it featured my 'Haunted Tree' Polymer Clay Photo Pendant (2nd row, 3rd column)!

I just wanted to thank Awkward for curating such a lovely treasury and especially for using my pendant to create it!


After reading post after post about starting a Facebook fan page. I finally put one together, which was relatively simple. Right now, the link is:

Apparently, you need to have at least 100 fans before they will allow you to have a personalized URL link like So, I'll be attempting to successfully promote it in the near future, so that I can get my custom URL before someone else does!

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I've been doing lately.

Absolutely Brilliant Idea for....the absent minded!

I'm the type of person that can be walking down the street and BAM, 3 completely new ideas pop into my head and then by the time I've make it to the crosswalk, they're all gone!

So after lurking (which sounds kinds of creepy) in the Etsy forums, I came across 1 of the thousands of Etsy tips & tricks threads, someone posted that they keep a journal. Well, I started thinking (I was NOT the type to keep a journal or diary as a kid) BUT if I could remember to write important stuff down....drum rolll...EPHINANY...then I wouldn't lose all of my ideas all the time!
So I ran over to Michael's (with 40% off coupon in hand) and bought a small sketchbook for like $6. Now, I carry it wherever I go (it fits in my purse) and I've written down things like:

- sketched out new ideas (even though I can't draw, I get the idea)
- printed off pictures from tutorials, products I like, supplies, etc
- places I want to try advertising at
- places I want to think about networking with (Facebook, Twitter, EtsyLove, etc)
- new packaging ideas
- useful tips & tricks that I come across
- ways to expand my business (like newsletters, wholesale)
- blog topics that I might want to write about
- things that I like that other sellers are doing
- photography ideas, pictures of how other's have done things I've liked

The list goes on and on, each page has it's own theme, otherwise I would never be able to keep it at all organized.

Anyway, this notebook has been an absolute lifesaver. So I figured I would share the idea!
Let me know, if you decide to try it!

I've playing around with some things lately..

Sadly, I've sort of been neglecting my blog lately. It just seems like if its not one thing, it's another. Definitely been keeping me busy and sometimes not so sane! Over the next week, I'm hoping to add another 25 pendants to my shop, so please keep an eye for these new styles!

Soon I hope to be launching 2 different styles of pendants, one using stainless steel and sterling silver, and the other will be made from wood. I'm pretty excited about that but I'm not quite ready to put them in my shop yet!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a set of ceramic tile coasters I made. I saw something similiar on a website but the just the cost of shopping to me was almost $20. So I set my 'little' brain in motion and this is what happened! If anyone wants to know how I did it, feel free to contact me!
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


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