Etsy Sellers: Want to know if you were on the front page?

I know lots of Etsians have wandered away from their shop and upon returning noticing a HUGE spike in their views but have no idea why? Well, there are few things you can check out right away to see if you've been featured somewhere.

1.) Craft Cult (formerly known an majaba) offers a free service where you type your username in and it will tell you if one of your items has been featured on the Etsy Front Page, Storque, or in a gift guide!

2.) Craftopolis also offers a free service that allows you to search your username to ascertain whether you've been featured in any treasuries or gift guides!

3.) On Flickr, there is a Flickr group called Etsy Front Pagers and lists screen shots of all of the treasuries and the sellers featured on the Etsy home page.
- If you search your username in the search bar, it will bring up the front page that you were featured on.

4.) If you sign up for Google Alerts and add your shop name and username as alert terms, each time those terms are posted on a web page, you will receive an alert to your email letting you know, where it was posted.

5.) And the simplest way of all, search your shop name or username in any of the major search engines and see what pops up!


Another great website, where you simply enter your shop name and VOILA, it will bring up all of the sites that your shop was mentioned on!

Just thought I would pass on some useful information!


Samantha said...

I love google alerts, it's so neat to find someone saying nice things about you!

Sara said...

great information - thank you so much!

Christine Burgess said...

This was such a big help to me. Thanks so much for the information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting such great info! You forgot to mention and their new treasury tools!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! I got some surprising news by following your instructions :)

Marie said...

Thanks for the info!

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