Food for Thought: Etsy + Success

Success and Etsy

"Success depends on standing out, not fitting in"

-Don Draper

First and foremost, I have to say, truer words are seldom spoken, especially when you consider everything that is Etsy. From the community, the creations, the forums, getting on the front page, etc, it is nearly impossible to become a huge success trying to capitalize on someone else’s ideas.

You need to stand out! Etsy is all about being an individual, unique and original. The next time you’re thinking about what you want to create to sell next, take a step back and think about whether these thoughts cross your mind:

"What’s going to be the next big thing?"
"What a great idea - I could make one of those."
"That person sells a lot, I’m sure I could do that."
"I always see that color on the front page, I might use it too."
"I'm sure that pattern would be easy to modify."
"That seems to be the standard price - I'll charge the same."

And then try to keep these in mind:

“Is it wrong? Would I feel bad? Would I want someone doing that to me?”
“Can I get in trouble for it?”
“Do I really want to be a band wagon jumper?”
“How long will be copying someone else’s idea, keep me interested?”
“Do you feel like an artist?”
“How will it affect my own creativity?”

I’m not trying to judge anyone, everyone will make their own decisions based on their views on right & wrong, I was just thinking about a conversation I recently had and thought I would put it into words.

And I know the true originals are becoming harder and harder to create, however, when we stop trying to strive for “original”, will there still be a point in creating?


headchange said...

Kudos! originality takes longer, consist of more trial and error, many many more mistakes ... yet in the end taking time to try a new technique or process, weather its a hit or not, is to my mind what defines a true artist.
looking forward to following your tweets and blog.

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