Finding the Fall Color Report

After some aimless wandering again last night, I came across what could be a invaluable resource especially to those who are slaves to the fashion trends!

Usually 6 to 8 months prior to the season (i.e. spring, summer, fall, winter), the wonderful people at Pantone put together a "Color Report" that previews the colors of that season that in turn will be used by the top designers! You always here that "this color" will be the "it" this season, this is how you find before the season even begins!

What does Pantone do? Who are they?
Pantone is the color people! They create colors the top designers use to create they own work. According to the Pantone website, "For more than 45 years, Pantone has been inspiring design professionals with products, services and leading technology for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity."

With the fall color report, it will enable you to choose and design your own pieces based on the "it" colors for the season before the season has even arrived! Allowing you be on top of the trends and then who knows how far you go!

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to someone! I'll be making some new necklaces based some of the new colors and see how that turns out!

And again the best thing of all....IT'S FREE!

Good Luck!


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