Offering a coupon or gift certificate on Etsy

A great way to encourage repeat business is through exclusive sales to current customers, event attendees, etc. Unfortunately, Etsy isn't setup to automatically to calculate a discount. So, what do you do?

Option 1:

1.) Give your customer a predetermined code or message (something that you'll remember).
2.) Let them know that they'll need to add it the "Message to Seller" section during checkout.
3.) You can either send them a revised invoice or refund the difference via Paypal.
- When refunding via Paypal, remember to use the "Refund" button at the bottom of the transaction page, otherwise the customer will be charged for accepting the refund.

Option 2:

1.) Have the customer convo you before they purchase, this allows you to adjust the price of the listing for the customer beforehand.

You can also add gift certificates to your shop for current and new customers.
- Remember to add a line in the description, that the gift certificate is accepted in your shop (and not for the entire Etsy site).

Well, I came across a few people with a few questions and I hope I cleared everything up. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, please let me know!


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